Shanna Armogan is a model, hosting personality, aspiring Actress and writer.  She was born to a Guyanese Indian Canadian father and Black American mother giving her dual citizenship.  She has been blessed with the opportunities of the Entertainment industry since 2008. This industry has taught her that despite the pressures in it to fit a certain image, it is important to remain positive and build a strong sense of character and self.  "Life is full of adversities and failure is imminent only when one stops trying".  Words she lives by.

She has had the opportunity to touch on several aspects of the Entertainment industry. It started with a broadcasting course which helped shape her with confidence to venture off into modeling, acting and hosting.  The modeling interest started when she had the opportunity to enter a contest to be selected to be in a calender in 2009, although she did not make it to the final cut for the calender, the experience itself lead her to more heavy competitions.  She began competing in pageants. It started as competing in smaller local competitions which lead to the one pageant that girls and young women in Canada aim to be competing in, 'Miss Universe Canada'. She successfully made the top 20 but her goal of moving futher in the competition was not met.  Her dream to represent Canada did not end, she later was chosen to represent Canada in the 'Top Model of the World 2010' pageant held in Germany where she won the award for Best Body.

She decided after her achievement of representing Canada she would retire from competing in pageants and try other types of modeling. Her background consists of music videos (background and lead roles), print work, runway and hosting.  She was chosen to be a Playboy Bunny for Playboy's 50th anniversary event which took place at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, ON. She was asked to come back as a certified bunny for Playboy's future events going forward.

She dipped her feet in the music side after attending a course on Entertainment Business Management, which inspired her performance at the Hard Rock Cafe as a lead vocalist.  Writing has always been a hobby for Shanna, after taking a creative writing course focusing on Novel Study she has begun to tackle the challenge of writing a fictional novel as it only seems necessary since horror novels and movies are her absolute favorite.

Her interest for acting was introduced when she auditioned for a short film in 2011. She then realized and decided that it was something that she really enjoyed and grew a passion for. Since then Shanna has participated in several short films, web series, kids shows on NetFlix, TV movies, music videos and will continue to tackle all and any opportunities of the acting field.

Life is what you make it. Shanna has always been a fan of motivational and inspiring quotes. One of her many favorites is quoted by Mahatma Ghandi "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it." Because she believes that the world is and always will be bigger than us, your actions will always have an impact whether you live to see it or not. That quote is what keeps Shanna motivated, inspired and driven, to have such an impact on the world that she is remembered not only by her friends and family after she is gone, but to be remember by all.